Don’t knock it ’til you try it

Don’t knock it ’til you try it


Have you ever been so sure you’re going to hate something that you don’t give it a fair chance?

For example, about a month ago, I visited a college that was not on my radar whatsoever and ended up FALLING IN LOVE WITH IT. Head over heels.

I realized that maybe selling myself short and building up expectations for myself was keeping me from having an open mind. Going on this college visit instead of canceling it opened up a new possibility for my future. 

Have you ever done this? “I’m going to fail, so I’m not going to try.” “Why bother?” “It doesn’t matter.”

Oh, but it does matter!

Allowing yourself new opportunities to stretch really far outside your comfort zone helps you learn. You may feel so frustrated that you haven’t found the right thing yet, even if it has been right under your nose the entire time.

When I first started driving, I was afraid to go anywhere besides my music teacher’s house and maybe the grocery store. I was afraid to drive in the dark and in bad weather.

You know how I learned I could be okay with driving more than five miles from my house, by myself?

I went and did it.

It’s like when kids say “I hate broccoli” even though they have never tried it. I said the same thing as a tot, and now I love the delightful vegetable.

My point is, you’re not getting what you deserve out of life if you’re not allowing yourself (or in some cases, forcing yourself) to do something out of the ordinary now and then. If you hate it, at least you tried it- no harm, no foul.

What motivates you to try something new?

Hasta pronto,


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