Grace’s Diary: Entry #2

Grace’s Diary: Entry #2

Here we are again, just talking. Another casual, conversational post, just me and you.

So, let’s begin.

I have to say, I’m really happy with the traffic and feedback I receive on this blog. I appreciate every person who clicks on my posts and enjoys reading them.

I want to create content that is interesting to you, so please, please, please, send me requests! 🙂

I guess I’ll tell you about my week. I’ve been going to physical therapy and getting a lot stronger, which is awesome! I’ve actually gained six pounds since I started working out and eating a little bit healthier (minus my Insomnia Cookies adventures 😉} Today I had an x-ray and there is no fracture in my spine, so I’ll take good news like that when I can get it. The only problem with this fitness regimen is that Target is right on my way home from the gym, so I always stop in for Starbucks and then end up wandering through the home decor aisles. I have no self control and have purchased five pillows in the last few days, and I think some of the employees are starting to recognize me.

In other events, I have seen my family a lot these past few days, which has been nice. It’s always fun spending time with them…shoutout if you’re reading this, family!

My book buddies program at the library wrapped up last week, so I’ll be spending the remainder of my summer focusing on my own summer reading (a soon-to-be lost cause) and relaxing! Today Ben and I did a jigsaw puzzle and watched How I Met Your Mother, a.k.a. The Greatest Show of All Time.

It’s amazing how much better I feel mentally and physically when I don’t have the stress of school. I’ll enjoy it as long as it lasts. But, I’ll be thrilled to post some back-to-school related content for you in a few weeks!

Thanks for reading. I was shocked at how many people said they liked reading these sort of posts from me, because I act like a middle-aged woman and my life is wholly uninteresting in many ways. But, we all go to Target and throw out our backs sometimes, so maybe you can relate to this… (???)

Amor, amor!


Random pictures from my week, mostly food pictures, that I took with less artistic intention than my regular blog pictures:


Featured Image: “Me In My Hat” via My Mom’s iPhone camera

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