DIY Room Decorations Using Wrapping Paper!

DIY Room Decorations Using Wrapping Paper!

Hi guys,

If you know me, you probably know I have an obsession with home decor. I can’t walk through HomeGoods without falling in love with a candle, a lamp, a throw pillow, and then some. When I see items in the store, I tend to think, “I could make that.” So I’ll use a piece of wall art or a vase as inspiration and then create my own.

I found the end of a roll of gold wrapping paper in our Christmas supplies. I was using the wrapping paper for my sister’s birthday presents when I realized I could create some projects with it. I had seen some small signs and simple wall art that were a bit outrageous to me ($14.99 for a little wooden sign? No, thanks.) so I had the idea to use this wrapping paper to create my own. After that endeavor, I went a little wrapping-paper crazy, creating personalized items with odds and ends laying around my house.

Today, I will show you two of the projects I made, and I will also provide some more ideas. All of these DIY’s involve wrapping paper, are super easy and inexpensive to make, and look very cute!

Decoration #1: Personalized sign

You’ll need:


Wrapping paper of choice

Cardboard or small wooden plank

Tape or staples

Ribbon, yarn, or wire

Magazine clippings or photos 

Process: Cut your cardboard into the desired size you want the sign to be. I made small ones, about the size of a postcard, but you can make it larger if you wish. Place the wrapping paper behind the cardboard like you’re wrapping a present. Tuck the ends of the wrapping paper on the back side of the cardboard piece and tape them in place. Now, cut out a quote, a magazine clipping, or a photo and tape or glue it to the front side of the sign. Finally, attach the ribbon to the back using tape or staples and hang it up!


Decoration #2: Wrapping paper frames

You’ll need:

Picture frames

Wrapping paper


Magazine clippings or photos

Process: Measure the dimensions of your frame and cut the wrapping paper to that length and width. Tape or glue your quotes, photos, or magazine clippings to the wrapping paper background. Close the frame and hang it up!


Additional ideas:

Wrapping paper tapestry/temporary wallpaper

Wrapping paper covered vase

Wrapping paper as contact paper

Wrapping paper as scrapbooking paper

Wrapping paper textbook covers

Wrapping paper calendar

Let me know if you try any of these projects!

Amor (and decor),




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