My Favorite Stores: Where I Shop for Clothes!

My Favorite Stores: Where I Shop for Clothes!

Happy Sunday!

Sometimes I get questions on where I like to shop, so I decided to make a list of my top favorite stores. I have a very specific style, and quite frankly, I am very picky when it comes to clothes. I hope this list is helpful! πŸ™‚


  1. Altar’d State: The first time I went to this store, I actually almost cried tears of joy. It’s not often that I go into a store and love everything I see. Each piece is beautiful and unique, and the dresses seem to fit like a glove. I seriously die and go to heaven when I visit Altar’d State.
  2. Francesca’s: I love this store because everything has a fun, exotic flair. I love clothes that are elegant with a touch of sass, and this store definitely meets the criteria. They also have great sales on accessories and jewelry!
  3. Loft: I shop at Loft for business-casual clothing. When I need structured skirts and blouses, I can usually find them there. They have a good variety for petites, and their styles and colors are basic and muted, perfect for professional outfits.
  4. Express: I shop at Express for evening wear and cocktail dresses for events. Express also has a great variety of denim (good quality, too!). However, Express isn’t necessarily a store that I go into and fall in love with everything I see- it takes some browsing for me!
  5. Eddie Bauer: I get all my coats and winter-wear from Eddie Bauer. This store does not mess around when it comes to cold. Warm jackets and layers are an essential up north, so if you spend a lot of time outside or you live in a cold climate, I recommend hitting up Eddie Bauer for some outerwear essentials.
  6. American Eagle Outfitters: While AE is sort of hit-or-miss, I do really love their sweaters for the winter. They also have some cute dresses and jackets that won’t go out of style! Not to mention, their sales are always amazing.
  7. MANGO: I came across this shop in Europe. It is what I like to call a classier Forever 21. They have trendy and affordable styles, but definitely more sophisticated than your average H&M find. While the brand is not popular in the United States, their online store is great!


I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Let me know what your favorite stores are in the comments! πŸ™‚

Have a great day!



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