How to Cure a Bad Case of the Mondays

How to Cure a Bad Case of the Mondays

Happy Monday!

A lot of people hate Mondays. That’s just the truth. It’s hard to face the fact that the weekend is over. Here are some tips for overcoming the Monday blues:

  1. Look at a funny meme: Sometimes the right meme can just make your day. I appreciate memes of the Kermit variety.
  2. Make some coffee: Start your day off with a warm beverage- coffee, tea, hot chocolate, you name it. A hug in a cup is sure to put a smile on even the Mondayest of faces.
  3. Play some jams: Pump yourself up on your morning commute with a good jam. My song of choice is Mr. Brightside because is it even possible to be sad when listening to this classic jam?
  4. Wear some awesome shoes: Then you can conquer the world! Confidence, baby. Confidence.
  5. Smile at everyone: Say hi to everyone you pass. Smile. Give out sincere compliments like it’s your job. This makes such a huge difference in your day and will pick up your mood and everyone else’s in an instant!

Those are all my tips for kicking the Monday blues! Got any of your own to share? Leave a comment! 🙂

Thanks for reading! Have a marvelous Monday!



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