The Best of Cleveland: The Cleveland Museum of Art!

The Best of Cleveland: The Cleveland Museum of Art!

Happy Saturday!

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to visit my favorite spot in Cleveland- the art museum. The Cleveland Museum of Art is located in the heart of University Circle. A vibrant community sprawled about Case’s college campus with cultural institutions on every corner, the Circle is the perfect tourist destination. Cleveland’s art museum features hundreds of famous works, from ancient Egyptian sarcophagi to Picasso’s Blue Period. I am lucky enough to be taking Advanced Placement Art History this year, so my class took a field trip to observe some ancient Greek, Egyptian, and Roman artwork.

Art history is fascinating. It amazes me not only that such primitive cultures created such complex pieces, but also the meaning behind every detail. It’s difficult to wrap my head around how old all this artwork actually is.


My lunch at Provenance Cafe! Pro tip: the macaroni and cheese is to die for!


Some shots of my favorite painting: one of Claude Monet’s famous Water Lilies.


A couple of my (many) Snapchats from the day! (Sorry for the low quality.)


And a couple more shots so you can see what the museum actually looks like! Those ionic columns though…

Anyone else an art history fan out there? I love history classes and find learning about different moments in time so interesting.

Let me know what museums you guys have visited! I am always looking for ideas. 🙂

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