Your Complete Guide to Holiday Shopping This Season!

Your Complete Guide to Holiday Shopping This Season!

Happy Sunday!

With Thanksgiving and Black Friday fast-approaching, I decided to create a holiday shopping guide to provide tips and tricks for shopping this season. Finding gifts for your entire family can be overwhelming, but hopefully some of these tips make it easier. 🙂

  1. One-Stop Shopping is your Friend: I recommend starting at a bigger store like Kohl’s or Target, because chances are you will be able to get the bulk of your shopping done there. These places are a good place to look because there is something for everybody, even people who are hard to buy for.
  2. Pay Attention to what People Like: If you’re out with one of your friends or family members and they point out something they like, make a note of it so you can go back and get it for them as a gift!
  3. Hand-Written Notes: Nothing is better than a card with a sweet message on it. Everyone loves presents, but I always read and save my cards, too.
  4. Amazon Interesting Finds: At the top tab of, there is a page dedicated to “interesting finds,” which essentially means cute, weird little items that work great as gifts. It’s a good place to find something quirky.
  5. Shop Local: While there are lots of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals in chain stores, shopping at local boutiques will ensure you find a unique gift. And, if you know a shop owner personally, you can score some good deals.
  6. Remember Wrapping Paper: It’s easy to lose the forest in the trees in that you might remember everyone on your list for gifts…and then get home to wrap and realize your gift bag stash is empty. A lot of dollar stores have wrapping supplies for cheap, so you can stock up on fun wrapping paper this season.
  7. When in Doubt, Food: It’s hard to turn down a box of chocolate. Unless your gift recipient has allergies, a homemade goodie is a perfect gift that won’t be returned!
  8. A Sentimental Gift is Better Than an Expensive One: I think I speak for most people when I say I would rather receive a sentimental gift than a super expensive one. If you can show someone you really know them based on what you pick out, that means a lot.
  9. Get Crafty: If you’re the creative type, consider hand-making gifts yourself! The possibilities are endless; jewelry, hot chocolate mixes, picture frames, pillows…if you can buy it, you can make it!
  10. Buddy Up: Shop with a friend who can help you pick out items for a mutual friend or family member. A second opinion can be extremely helpful!

I hope this list was helpful! I am planning to post some fun gift guides and DIY’s this season…but being that a lot of us are going to be on break and starting our shopping soon, I wanted to get this guide up in advance. 🙂

Remember, this season is about family and friends, not just presents. Make sure you keep in mind what is truly important about the holiday season. 🙂

Thanks for reading!



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