Updated Workout Routine: How to Stay in Shape this Winter!

Updated Workout Routine: How to Stay in Shape this Winter!

Hello lovelies!

Today, I will be sharing my typical workout routine for the winter. I don’t know about you, but for me it is so much harder getting myself to work out when it’s cold. For some reason, when I can just throw on my tank top and shorts, it’s so much easier to get to the gym. However, going to the gym helps a lot with insomnia and stress, especially during the winter. So, if you need some ideas for your next workout, here is what I do at the gym!

I usually spend about an hour at the gym. In that hour, I do…

30 minutes on elliptical machine

10-15 minutes walking/running on an incline on treadmill

10-15 minutes of strength:

Lifting two 8-10 pound weights, 3 sets of ten on both sides

Russian twists with medicine ball- 3 sets of 20

1-3 one minute planks

Cobra pose press-ups, 3 sets of 10

Cool down/stretch- sun salutation, warrior 1 and 2, child’s pose

There you have it- that’s what I do in a typical workout. My schedule is never really the same so it’s hard to say how many times a week I go…2-3 times during a busy week, and 3-4 times on a less busy week.

It’s important to remember that working out is meant to make you feel good; it’s not a punishment. I honestly look forward to working out after school because it gives me an opportunity to listen to my music and exert my stress in a healthy way. If you don’t enjoy working out, you probably just haven’t found the right activity yet; some people, like me, prefer the gym, while others prefer group classes. There are so many options out there (boxing, yoga, pilates, Zumba, swimming) that you’re bound to find something you will look forward to!

It’s also important to remember that “staying in shape during the holidays” doesn’t mean forcing yourself to work out on Christmas or denying yourself sugar cookies. I’ll say it again- working out is meant to make you feel good. Everyone has different reasons for working out, but if you make it part of your routine and it’s a break from your work that you actually enjoy, it is so much easier to stick with it.

Taking care of your body is more than just numbers and figures- I never look at the scale, I determine my health based on how I feel. One more time: working out is about feeling good!

I hope you all enjoyed this post and found it helpful! Thanks for reading. <3



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