Ten Reasons to Start a Blog!

Ten Reasons to Start a Blog!

Happy Sunday!

I have been thinking a lot lately about what a wonderful hobby blogging is. It has changed the way I go about living my life, and I think that everyone who wants to try it should.

A lot of people tell me “I could never do that” when they ask about my blog. I ask them, “Why not?” I used to say the same thing. I talked myself out of doing what I really wanted for so many years because I was afraid. But it turned out that starting my blog was the best thing I ever did.

So, if you are on the fence about starting a blog, here are some reasons that might help you make up your mind!

  1. Blogging is Fun: Simple, yes. But very true. Your website is your very own creation and you can do with it whatever you please. The design, the content, the photos, all of it is up to you. Coming up with ideas and writing posts is honestly so enjoyable and a great escape from everyday life!
  2. You will Make Friends: You will meet other bloggers through the Internet, and people who you know in real life will surely strike up a conversation with you about your blog. It is a great way to socialize, both online and off.
  3. You will Learn More About Computers: Blogging is an inherently computer-based hobby – you will unfortunately experience technical difficulties from time to time, which will make you more adept with technology by osmosis.
  4. It Looks Great on your Resume: Your blog is basically an online portfolio of writing samples, photography, and communication skills. If you can show an employer or a university that you had the skills to maintain a website, you will be a shoe-in for a variety of occupations.
  5. You will Preserve your Memories: Your blog is like a scrapbook or a diary; you can scroll back to a few months ago when you went to the beach and remember it like it was yesterday. All of your great memories end up on your blog by default, and they are so fun to look back on!
  6. You will Feel Fearless: I was so afraid to publicly announce that I had a blog, but doing so was the best decision I ever made. Writing makes you vulnerable, and knowing that you can give that part of yourself up to share your thoughts with others will make you feel like you can conquer anything!
  7. You will Improve: Your blog posts will get better and better over time. It may not seem like it in the process, but when you look back on your old material, your writing and photography will have improved tremendously!
  8. Comments will Make your Day: Sometimes when I am having a tough week, I receive the sweetest comment that lifts me up. Your readers have your back…trust me.
  9. You will Hit Milestones: I remember when I received my first view from another country; when I hit ten followers; when I hit fifty likes. Small milestones lead to big success; never forget that.
  10. Blogging will Give you Purpose: Blogging made me feel like I’d finally found my purpose in life. If nothing else, you will always have your blog. Writing is always there for you.

I hope these ten reasons to start a blog inspired you! So…what are you waiting for? Go make your own website! 🙂

Thanks for reading! I love you all so much…



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