How to Study for Midterms like a Boss!

How to Study for Midterms like a Boss!

Happy Thursday!

Today, I will be sharing my best tips for studying for midterms! A lot of us high school and college students have final exams right before Christmas, but hopefully these tips will help give you some tricks to study!

  1. Budget study time each night: If you write in your calendar when you are going to study, you will be more likely to do it when the time comes. Break your studying into bite-sized pieces so that you can relax the night before instead of cramming!
  2. Make an outline: A really good way to review is taking all the information you learned and condensing it into an outline or study guide. In some classes, this is provided, but creating your own for the semester’s material is a great way to simplify the information. Include vocabulary, themes, and examples.
  3. Quiz-LIT: Stock up on study sets so that you can whip them out and study whenever you have a free moment. Waiting for the bus? Quizlet. Early to class? Quizlet. Since there is a mobile app, it’s easy to pick up your flash cards and click through them quickly. Quizlet is my number one study tip for any type of AP test!
  4. Rally a study group: Gather your best buddies from class and have a study group! In a lot of my classes, we make group texts to keep in touch and ask each other homework questions. Talking with your peers can really help you learn!
  5. Do practice problems: Do you remember how to figure those equations you learned back in September? Yeah…probably not. Find one practice question from each topic; for the ones you miss, go back and try some more. Refresh your memory on how to work out certain questions. This tip is mainly for math-based classes, but definitely works for classes like foreign language as well.
  6. Review your old tests: Look back on old tests and quizzes and notice what questions you missed. Study those ones! You’ll most likely get right the ones you were correct on in the first place. Focus on what you didn’t understand so you can understand it by the final!
  7. Have a review party: Study with a friend or a group from your class to make it more fun! Discussing topics out loud is far more interesting than hunching over a textbook all alone.

Those are my best tips for studying for cumulative exams. I will be writing more posts on how to deal with test anxiety, etc., to help some nervous test-takers like me!

I hope you found this post helpful. Thanks for reading, and good luck on your exams! 🙂



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