My Tips for Being Cozy and Trendy this Winter!

My Tips for Being Cozy and Trendy this Winter!

Hi, lovies!

Mother Nature has given us a prolific amount of snow these last few days, which means my suede heels and slip dresses aren’t suited for the conditions at the moment. I’m sure lots of you live up north and know what it’s like to battle the cold, so here are my tricks to look cute and stay warm!

Fur: Fur is everywhere right now, you guys. I love wearing faux-fur jackets and vests because they are so on-trend and also unbelievably warm.

Leather: A faux-leather jacket over a thermal shirt will keep you warm all day- promise.

Long parkas: I thought my “mom coat” was just a me thing, but knee-length coats have been everywhere this season. I won’t ever go back to a regular-length coat.


My lovely long parka! 

Rubber boots: I recommend a waterproof boot for snowy days, because that snow melts into liquid water realll quick and your suede boots won’t handle that well. Any shoe that has a hard, waterproof exterior will make sure your feet stay dry and warm! A rubber boot paired with jeans and a vest is preppy and chic!

Layered sweaters: The sweater-on-sweater look is so cozy! A knit cardigan over a long-sleeve sweater paired with some leggings is comfortable and chic.

Mixed jewelry: Layering necklaces and rings adds to your look, and unlike bracelets and toe rings, are still functional during the winter.

Midi Skirts with Boots: I am obsessed with midi skirts. Pairing them with leggings and boots is a great way to dress up for winter while staying warm!

Those are all my tips for today! Fashion is about having fun, but clothing is for comfort and warmth, so don’t forget that dressing comfortably and practically is favorable during extreme temperatures!

If you want ideas for styling any of these items, check out my fashion board on Pinterest here.

What’s your favorite fashion trend this winter? Let me know in the comments!

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