Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Guys and Girls!

Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Guys and Girls!

Hi lovelies!

I think it goes without saying that girls are a lot easier to shop for than guys. Walk into Target and you’ll be bombarded with displays of fuzzy socks, makeup kits, and throw pillows. However, I’m sure there are a few women and men in your life who are just so hard to buy for. So, here are some ideas for your friends and family that they will actually love and use!


Brother: I think tech-y is the way to go. Headphones, portable chargers, speakers, and anything related to an X-Box is a win for most brothers. This portable charger is the perfect gift if your brother is constantly on his phone, like mine.

Sister: The bond between sisters is unbreakable. I think that a personalized necklace or scarf is a great idea and can be worn many ways! Click here to find a great selection of quality necklaces.

Mom: A fancy loose-leaf tea is a great gift idea if your mom is a tea fanatic, like mine. You also can’t go wrong with a bath set or a perfume, like this one.

Dad: Hats, guys. Baseball hats, winter hats, Dads love hats. Also, any type of fancy chocolate is a perfect gift that you know won’t be returned!

Best Friend: A picture frame with one of your favorite photos is an easy and sentimental gift for your best friend. You can create so many personalized gifts on Snapfish, a free website to upload your pictures to.

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: A scrapbook is always a really cute idea, and if you leave space at the end you can continue adding to it!

Grandparent(s): A great new book is a wonderful gift for anyone, especially if your grandparents like to read. I always love to recommend books that I’ve enjoyed to others, and it makes the gift more personal!

Secret Santa: Secret Santas can be tough when you drew the name of someone you don’t know well. Candy and a restaurant gift card are an easy go-to and you can find them anywhere!


That’s all for this post! I hope these ideas were helpful for you guys.

I hope your holiday season has been merry and bright so far!

Thanks for reading.



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