December Beauty Favorites! (All Drugstore)

December Beauty Favorites! (All Drugstore)

Hello lovelies!

I know I haven’t been posting consistently lately, but it’s been a very busy time. In addition to work being done on our house, I also have midterm exams coming up. Needless to say, I have been pretty booked lately. But no worries- come winter break I will be back posting nearly every day with all sorts of fun content for you guys. Thank you for bearing with me!

Anyway…today’s post is going to be all about my favorite makeup products from the month of December. Although December is not over yet, I’ve found some products that I’ve been enjoying a lot, and I thought I would share so that you guys can use them for your holiday makeup. 🙂

Enjoy! <3


  1. Revlon Photo Ready Foundation:  This foundation is a cult favorite. I was using my Origins CC Cream for a while, and although I still love it, a light-coverage foundation just isn’t in the cards for me during this time of year. I wanted something more full-coverage, and this foundation does the job. It goes on very smoothly and blends in seamlessly.
  2. Elf Foundation Brush: I use this brush to apply the aforementioned foundation instead of a sponge. It is my favorite brush I have ever used, and it’s super cheap!
  3. OPI Black Onyx Nail Polish: I only wear three nail colors: Black Cherry Chutney, Ballet Slippers, and red. Until I met this one. I finally decided to go for black nail polish and this one looks classy and cool.
  4. Anthropologie Vanille Perfume: I love wearing vanilla perfumes, but sometimes they are too sickly sweet. This one is sweet but still light- perfect for winter!
  5. Burt’s Bees Vanilla Bean Lip Balm: This lip balm isn’t too sticky, so I like to put in on under my lipstick.
  6. Maybelline Eyebrow Pencil: I finally jumped on the eyebrow bandwagon and wow where has this pencil been all my life?? I have light hair, so finding an eyebrow pencil that matches is a struggle. I have this one in the blonde color and it’s not too dark!
  7. Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner: I can’t seem to go without my cat-eye anymore. This eyeliner is easy to use and doesn’t smudge easily.
  8. L’Oreal Butterfly Mascara: I swore by Too Faced for a long time, but this formula makes your eyelashes a little bolder, which works with the liquid eyeliner. This mascara doesn’t budge, either.
  9. NYX Butter Lip Gloss: These lip glosses go on smooth and have a finish like glass. They are also very pigmented and there are so many colors available.
  10. Maybelline Fit Me Powder: I’ve been using this powder to set my makeup for a while now, but I don’t know that I’ve ever mentioned it yet on my blog. This powder made me realize how much my old one sucked. This one doesn’t cake or show lines, and it looks smooth all day!


Some of these products were featured in my Mini Makeup Haul, so now you guys can see what I thought. All of these products (except for the perfume, which is super inexpensive) are available at the drugstore, so they won’t be breaking the bank!

I hope this post was helpful for you guys! Let me know if you try any of these products out. 🙂

Thanks for reading!



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