Top Five Hilarious Twitter Accounts You Need to Follow Right Now

Top Five Hilarious Twitter Accounts You Need to Follow Right Now

Hi guys!

Today’s post is going to be a little different from usual…it is all about hilarious Twitter accounts! I love when I see a hysterical tweet that makes my day. Go ahead and follow these accounts and I assure you, the laughs will be plentiful!

  1. MoonPie: Whoever says marketing isn’t a powerful business tool is wrong because I stalked this account for about ten minutes and then found myself on an impromptu late-night drive in search of MoonPies. Their tweets are savage and hilarious.
  2. Student Problems: Relatable posts for high school and college students…every once in a while you’ll see something so relatable on your timeline that you’ll have to retweet.
  3. College Student: This one is for you college kids! The account is on fire right now in honor of finals season.
  4. The Onion: The Onion is a satirical website (like a grown-up Buzzfeed) and their titles will crack you up.
  5. Left Shark: Left Shark has a Twitter account, you guys. And every year on Superbowl Sunday, he logs on and roasts whoever is performing the halftime show.

If you guys check out any of these Twitter accounts and find them funny, we probably have the same sense of humor.

Thanks for reading!



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