How to Survive the Cold and Look Cute While Doing It

How to Survive the Cold and Look Cute While Doing It

Hello, my dears!

The temperatures have been in the single digits (Fahrenheit) here in Cleveland, and I have had enough of it. But I’m no stranger to the snow, so I have a lot of advice for you guys on how to survive the rest of the winter, because it’s not ending any time soon!

  1. Waterproof Everything: Waterproof boots, gloves, coats, you name it, waterproof clothing will ensure you don’t turn into a popsicle when the snow gets to you.
  2. Plan for the Weather: Plan your errands around the weather- don’t go for gas or walk around an outdoor mall when there’s a storm coming. Sounds simple, but it helps a lot if you plan your days around what the sky is doing.
  3. Just Stay In: If it’s snowing really badly, don’t risk your life for a stupid errand. Just stay home.
  4. Keep Lotion and Chapstick Everywhere: The cold air will have your skin cracking like glass. Keep hand cream and a lip balm everywhere so you don’t get crusty!
  5. Have Fun with the Layers: The one time of the year when you can wear a sweater AND a jacket AND a scarf AND maybe even a vest if you’re feeling adventurous. Staying warm doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style.
  6. Warm Up: Lately, when I come home I feel like I’ve gone completely numb. So seek out all the fires, warm baths, saunas, heated blankets, Jacuzzis, you name it! Try to enjoy the winter a little bit. It’s a good excuse to use up your bath bombs.
  7. Stay Indoors: You can still do fun things, but when it’s extremely cold, it’s favorable to be inside. Going to a museum, shopping in a mall, or even ice skating is really fun this time of year.

And those are all my tips! Living in a cold climate can be pretty taxing, but there are a lot of ways to make it a little less terrible.

Stay warm!

Thanks for reading.



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