Second Semester Motivation Tips!

Second Semester Motivation Tips!

Hi, guys!

This week marks the beginning of my final semester in high school (thank God) (exhales a sigh of relief). And that means the motivation reserves are running on empty- with prom, senior internships, graduation, and going off to college right around the corner, the “I don’t care, it doesn’t matter” attitude is making itself present in the class of 2018. But, don’t worry, I won’t give up now! Here are some tips to make it through this next semester alive. πŸ™‚


  1. Ease Up: This might seem counterproductive, but hear me out. Cutting yourself some slack to go to games, go on dates, and watch Friends is okay once in a while, and will prevent you from losing your mind and forgetting that there are other things in life besides school.
  2. Calculate Your Grades: Keeping on top of your GPA and grades will help you avoid the end-of-quarter “Oh, sh*t” panic mode. Using online grade calculators will help you make your goals more tangible.
  3. Block Out Time: Carve out a few hours a night to take care of school work, but make those hours count: turn off your phone, sit at your desk, and focus. That way, you aren’t wasting precious free time procrastinating on your phone (@me).
  4. Use Countdown Apps: Use apps on your phone to count down days to important events. You can add fun events, like school dances, birthdays, etc., and you can also add exams and due dates to “light a fire under your a**,” so to speak, and remind you to get going on assignments so you’re not left until the last minute.
  5. Make a List of your Plans: Sometimes, it’s easy to get lost in the sauce and forget what you’re working so hard for. The entire point of your education is to prepare you for your career, so make a list of career goals that working hard in school will prepare you for.


And those are my top five tips to make it through this semester! You can do it! πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading!



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