Story Time: My 2018 Nightmare

Story Time: My 2018 Nightmare

Hi guys!

I’ve been having the craziest recurring dream…and every time, it cracks me up because it’s so 21st century. While having dreams about your teeth falling out indicates stress, my psyche has taken this to a whole new level with makeup.

At first, it started out like this: I messed up my winged eyeliner before I had to be somewhere. And of course, I freaked out. And I thought, this is a pretty normal thing to dream about…I put on liquid eyeliner every morning. Of course I’m dreaming about it.

Then, last night, it got worse.

I was applying my liquid eyeliner when the pen exploded and started gushing black ink everywhere. On my freshly-applied foundation, on my clothes, on my white bath mats.

I find it funny that not only did I dream of doing this mundane task once, but twice, and the second time it was a full-fledged nightmare.

It felt so real!

I thought this post might be funny to share, so I hope you guys enjoyed. And feel free to share your peculiar nightmares in the comments!

Thanks for reading!




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