Insomnia Diaries: Ten Things To Do When You Can’t Sleep

Insomnia Diaries: Ten Things To Do When You Can’t Sleep

Picture this: It’s dark in your room. You can’t find a position that feels comfortable to fall asleep. Your thoughts keep stirring. Time is passing. And finally, you decide enough is enough, if you’re going to be awake at this time of night, you can do something besides lie in bed.

Here’s a fun list of things you can do between the hours of twelve and five:

  1. Midnight Munchies: You don’t have to be baked to enjoy a baked good. Nothing like a midnight snack, my personal favorite is an Elvis sandwich but you do you!
  2. Watch Friends on Netflix: Pass the time by watching Chandler crack jokes!
  3. Write a Poem: Nothing like a bizarre stream of consciousness to reflect on in the morning. Write something your future self will probably chuckle at.
  4. Read Something Boring: I used to keep math books next to my bed so that I could read them, immediately get bored, and fall asleep.
  5. Call Your Friend: Call a friend who might be awake so you can have one of those sleepy conversations where the real truth comes out.
  6. Clean Out Your Junk Drawer: Or just hang up all the clothes sitting on “the chair” that you’ve been meaning to get to.
  7. Do Yoga: This is actually really fun and the reason I keep a yoga mat near my bed. If you Google “yoga for sleep” you’ll come across all sorts of videos and poses that will help you feel more relaxed.
  8. Escape into Buzzfeed: There’s no better time waster! And don’t you want to know which Disney princess you are by choosing toppings for a sandwich? Don’t lie to yourself.
  9. Write a Letter: Maybe you can’t sleep because there are unresolved conflicts on your mind. Write an angry letter and then throw it away! Don’t mail it, though.
  10. Watch Figure Skating Videos on YouTube: It’s mesmerizing!

So next time you’re cursing the Gods of Sleep, refer to this list for some insomnia inspiration.

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