Ten Small Things That Will Make You Smile

Ten Small Things That Will Make You Smile

Hello, lovelies!

It’s a dreary, gloomy time of year. But not to worry, because today I have ten ideas that will help bring a dose of excitement during these cold months!

Enjoy. 🙂

  1. Disney Movies: I watched Moana again last night and I have to say, it really did make me feel happy. Sure, it’s something small, but it makes a difference! Any happy Disney movie or feel-good film will do the trick. My personal favorite is Aladdin!
  2. A Roaring Fire: I love fires. Fires in the fireplace, bonfires, candles, something about a contained flame really makes me feel peaceful and cozy.
  3. The Greenhouse: Taking a visit to a local greenhouse or botanical garden is so refreshing this time of year. If you’re from Cleveland, the Cleveland Botanical Gardens are great because they have indoor plant rooms!
  4.  Chocolate: Sometimes there’s nothing better. And with Valentine’s Day coming up, it’s not hard to find bags upon bags of delicious candy at the supermarket.
  5. Window Shopping: It’s not called retail therapy for nothing! But even just taking a walk around the mall or an outdoor shopping center will get you out of the house and doing something fun.
  6. DIY Projects: It’s a great time of year to tackle a DIY project. I recommend starting by digging through your junk drawer and storage spaces to find some random stuff that deserves a new life. Then, look up some projects using what you have so that you don’t need to go out and buy more.
  7. Yoga: Doing an at-home yoga practice will help you energize and re-center. I love Erin Motz and Yoga with Adriene. 
  8. Call Someone: Call an old friend or relative and just chat on the phone. If it’s someone who is a positive influence in your life, it will be sure to pick you up.
  9. Bake: If you’ve got a knack for cooking, whipping up some cookies or cupcakes and handing them out at school or work is a great way to bring a smile to lots of people!
  10. Read Something Inspiring: Look up happy news stories that will give you some hope. I loved this one about a woman who healed a butterfly’s wing.

Those are all my tips for today! Thanks for reading. <3



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