A Little Life Update and Other Ponderings

A Little Life Update and Other Ponderings

Hi guys!

I haven’t done a life update post since summer of 2017, I believe. So maybe this is long overdue. Maybe it’s time for me to ramble on about whatever to you guys.

But it’s good rambling! There are so many exciting projects going on right now and I am absolutely thrilled. I feel like my blog keeps gaining momentum, which is all thanks to you guys! You are the reason I get to do what I love every day. This makes me so happy and I honestly go to bed with a smile on my face every night. 

Career-wise, you guys, I’m on top of it this year. I have a new job that I love, I’m still blogging, and I’m finally going off to study at Kent State this fall! So those things have all been fine and dandy. I don’t want to jinx anything here, though. But I’m in a very good place right now.

And I have to say a big thank you to my friends and family, because I’m really making an effort to have a social life and put myself out there more. And I have plenty of great people to do that with!

School is school. Senior spring. Sometimes I open my backpack when I get home to do some work. Other nights…nahhhhhh.

Guys! I ordered my CAP AND GOWN this week! I graduate in a few months. Holy cow. One of the most important days of my life will come and pass this June.

And I should mention that in the romantic department…well, that’s been one whole giant mess for months. And I can appreciate that. I have so many stories to tell my kids now! Hahaha. But in all seriousness, I would love to open up more about my good and not so good experiences with guys. I’m trying to be more honest on here in 2018, so if you would like for me to start posting about dating advice, breakup advice, love advice in general, please let me know and I’ll go for it.

It’s not always a perfect mix. There are always really good and bad points in your life, and you just roll with the punches and learn from it.

Which brings me to my final point: I’m looking to change up my approach to blogging this year. Maybe less frequent, more detailed posts? Or just more personal posts in general. Sharing my stories, good and bad, so that you guys can learn from my pasts struggles and mistakes and maybe have a better experience than I did. I might even start a YouTube channel! Who knows!

It’s going to be the most amazing year, guys. And I’m just bursting with excitement to share it all with you.


Thanks for reading!





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