How to Build an Outfit: Ten Perfect Equations

How to Build an Outfit: Ten Perfect Equations

Hello, my dears,

It’s time to talk about fashion. I love clothes. I love that the right dress or pair of heels can make your day a million times better. And I love that not only is there fashion, but there is style. Style is your very own. It’s the perfect mix of everything you like.

But putting together a kick-butt outfit every day can be tricky sometimes. I like to think of outfits like recipes. A + B = C. Or I guess like equations. Whatever. You get it.

Here are ten of my favorite, err….equations.

Fit-and-flare dress + heeled boots + jacket = chic and flattering anywhere you go!


Cuffed jeans + Adidas + choker + tee shirt = casual and edgy

Shift dress + sneakers + crossbody bag = the comfortable and classy traveler


Fur jacket + turtleneck + skinny jeans + ankle boots = sophisticated yet casual, perfect for everyday

Tank top + denim skirt + sandals = a casual spring masterpiece

Romper + heels = legs for days and party-ready

Black jeans + denim jacket + sneakers = the best outfit for class


Graphic tee + choker + leggings + Birkenstocks or knock-offs = casual and cool, concert-ready


Midi skirt + knee-high boots + fitted tank = unexpected and beautiful


Joggers + denim jacket + black ankle boots = too cool for school but perfect for weekend errands

And that is how I manage to piece together my favorite looks. It’s all about balancing shape and color; finding what flatters your figure; and being comfortable on what you’ve got going on inside and outside.

Wear the outfit- don’t let the outfit wear you. 

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