Love Advice from a Non-Expert

Love Advice from a Non-Expert

Hello, my dears,

I mentioned in some previous posts that I want to be more honest with you guys here on my blog. It takes a lot of guts to reveal your personal life on social media because it’s out there for anyone, anywhere to see. So I decided to start off pretty ambiguous, just giving you guys my general dating advice.

So here it is:

  1. Have standards: First thing’s first- you have to know what you like in a partner. You also have to know what you don’t like. You’re never going to find the “perfect” guy, because everyone’s idea of perfect is quite different. Maybe loyalty is an important quality to you, and you’re willing to overlook the fact that this person might not be dedicated to school, or something like that. It’s all about finding what you want and what you’re not willing to deal with.
  2. Start slow: When someone comes on too strong, that’s a giant red flag. Someone you just started dating should give you all the space you need.
  3. Don’t change: Always be aware of the fact that you will, inherently, want to be the best you can be for a new partner. And that’s mostly a good thing. You might wear your favorite outfits, or buy yourself a new lipstick. But the minute you try to hide the parts of your personality you think this person won’t like, you have to check yourself. If you really want a relationship that will last and be good, you have to be willing to share every part of who you are…for example, I talk to myself and my driving gives people whiplash. But I’m not going to try and change those things because someone else doesn’t approve. Because that’s me. Part of who I am and what makes me interesting.
  4. Have your own life: Don’t immediately ditch your plans to hang out with a new guy/girl. Having your own interests separate from your partner will make the relationship stronger, I promise.
  5. Be honest: If things aren’t working out like they should be, you are always allowed to end it. It’s better to be honest about your problems than to be miserable in an unhappy relationship. Just remember- you’re never trapped.

And those are five of my little tips to keep yourself (and others) sane when you’re dating. But don’t worry, I have more. And it was so refreshing to write something like this for you guys. I’m excited to do more like this.

Thanks for reading!



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