An Honest Reflection on High School

An Honest Reflection on High School

Happy Monday!

I decided to start off the week with a little wrap-up of my thoughts on high school. I’m almost done, guys. In my head, I already am done. On a scale of not ready to graduate to counting down the days, I’m already planning my dorm room.

And I’m here to tell you that I really didn’t think high school was so bad. Sure, I had some bad days. I had some crappy boyfriends. I failed a few tests. Ran into some petty drama with other girls. Who doesn’t? That’s what high school is.

And then there were the amazing parts of high school. I learned to drive and got my first car. I found a job I love. I started my blog. I fell in love with a college.

High school was the most eventful four years of my life so far. And what’s most promising is that with each year, I became more and more comfortable in my own skin. More sure of what I want. More confident in my ability to build an amazing life.

The amount of change and growth that takes place between freshman and senior year is unfathomable. I went from being a delusional, barely-teenage girl who chased boys and sweated the small stuff to a fully-functioning, self-motivated and assertive grown-up woman who won’t take an ounce of sh*t from anyone. And I am extremely proud of that.


So the moral of the story is, high school can go one of two ways. You either start off dumb and work your way up to being mature, or you do the complete opposite of that. And I’m pretty happy with the fact that my constant quest to improve myself paid off.

It’s easy to be discouraged by the fact that you’re sentenced by the law to attend school every single day for years upon years. But as a senior, when you finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, that all changes. You start to want to know your purpose. And you start looking a little deeper for it.


On April 12th, 2017, I found my purpose. It’s called Heavenlee Penny’s, and it’s the best thing I took away from high school.

I love you all!

Thank you for reading. <3




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