When Things Go Right

When Things Go Right

Helloooo everyone!

This post was actually inspired by yesterday’s post, where I talked about when things go wrong. And today, I want to talk about when things go right.

Here’s how I feel: when we finally start having success in our lives, when the stars align and suddenly all our hard work starts paying off…we get kind of skeptical. We think, “Oh, great, now something bad is bound to happen.” We knock on wood and anticipate the next time life is going to screw us.

Life isn’t like that. It’s not a constant trade-off between good times and bad times. The whole point is to learn to appreciate happiness and cope with sadness. So you don’t need to feel guilty if things finally start to go your way. Just enjoy it. Not because it might end. But because it’s finally arrived.

The universe really isn’t out to get you…sometimes it feels like it is, and that’s when you’ve got to remember that your crappy day is probably someone else’s fabulous day. Someone had a baby. Someone else won the lottery. And someone else got a new car. Maybe you stepped in gum and your flight got cancelled. And then you think the universe is indebted to reward you. But this pattern of thinking, this Bad Day + Another Bad Day = I Deserve a Good Day mindset, will only cause you to get more frustrated.

Go with the flow…and if the flow is a sh*t show, handle it. If it’s the time of your life, enjoy it. Life is like the economy…made to fluctuate.

And I really hope you’re having one of those days where things go right.

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