How to Find Your Passion

How to Find Your Passion

Happy Monday!

Today, I am sharing some tips for finding your passion in life. What a big existential question, I know. I think that once you find your passion, everything in life becomes so much more shiny and exciting. You start living with a purpose. Each day has an intention. No wonder everyone wants to find that thing that they were put on this earth to do!

First, I want to say that I don’t think it makes much sense to declare your one passion and then be done searching. Your passion will change; you can have more than one; and maybe you haven’t even found it yet. 

For me, I love blogging. This is definitely a passion. However, decorating is also one of my passions. I also love speaking Spanish and studying fashion trends. So yeah, my passions aren’t limited to just one.

Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to follow these guidelines: find something you love that’s relaxing, another thing you love that makes you money, and another thing you love that allows you to be creative. Supposedly, having this trifecta will help you feel fulfilled. And honestly, guys…I think that’s true. For me, I have my job at a home decor/gift shop (money), my blog (creative), and restoring furniture (relax). I’ve truthfully never felt better.

It’s also a good idea to make plans and goals that you can look forward to. It will help you get moving on achieving your dreams!

I think finding your passion is a balance between seeking out something new (signing up for classes, mingling with new people, traveling) and going about your life until a chance comes unexpectedly and you leap on it. It has to be an equal mix. You can’t lay on the couch all day expecting your passion to knock on the door. However, you can’t live your entire life pursuing something and you don’t even know what that thing is yet.

One of the best strategies for finding your passion is thinking back to your childhood and remembering what you loved doing in your spare time. Did you like to paint? Build things? Tell stories? Use what you did on a kid-level and turn it into something grown-up. I loved writing poems and stories as a kid- I even had a notebook where I wrote and illustrated poems at school when I was bored. And here we are today on my blog. The only major difference is that my word choice is slightly more sophisticated and my notebook is the Internet.

Chances are, your passion has been with you all along and you just haven’t realized it yet. But maybe it isn’t. Maybe your passion is something that doesn’t even exist yet! Or maybe it’s something you’ve always wanted to try. So you’ve got to go out and just make it happen. Stop being afraid of looking “stupid” or what people will say and just start seeking out things that bring you joy. I promise you- I PROMISE you- once you finally find it, it is worth all the money, time, and teasing in the world.

So go find it. 

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