The Moment I Learned What Self-Love Actually Means

The Moment I Learned What Self-Love Actually Means

Helloooo my wonderful darlings!

Something happened to me recently; I had one of those epiphanies, the kind that only happen a few times in a lifetime, where I realized what self-love really, truly means.

You guys know I talk about self-love all the time here on my blog. And for the most part, I thought I understood what that meant. I thought that self-love meant exactly that: loving yourself. But a select few people have opened up my eyes and showed me that self-love isn’t just about how much you love yourself- it’s about how much others should love you.

Let me explain:

If you really, truly love yourself- you respect yourself as much as you possibly can- then someone else should love you just as much or more. If you’re dating someone and their love for you isn’t nearly as much as your love for yourself, then you know it’s not right. And I hate how the idea of self love is associated with being self-centered. Because in order to help others, you must first not only accept yourself, but embrace yourself.

“We accept the love we think we deserve,” they say in the Perks of Being a Wallflower. That quote was always marvelously confusing to me until now. If you don’t value yourself, then you won’t be able to see when others aren’t valuing you. So you need to be one thousand percent comfortable in your own skin before you determine who is worthy of loving you.

Because if someone doesn’t love you as much as you should love yourself…then they are not good enough for you. Sorry. But that is the whole, complete truth. And you shouldn’t accept anything less than what you know you are worth. If you can love yourself more than they can, you don’t need them!

And the point of this is not to be pompous. The point is to know your worth so that you don’t wind up with a broken heart and feeling like you aren’t good enough. Because you are. As long as you’re good enough for you, there’s nothing anyone can say or do to take that from you.

Just remember that.

Thanks for reading!



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