Tips for Glowing Skin in the Dead of Winter!

Tips for Glowing Skin in the Dead of Winter!

Hi guys,

We’re getting back into the OG Heavenlee Penny’s beauty posts today. Exposing my heart and secrets is fun and all, but I thought a beauty post was long overdue. 😉

It’s February, and we haven’t seen the sun for a long, long time. Which means pasty skin, dull eyes, and overall just a no-bueno complexion. But there’s plenty of ways to circumvent the lack of sun and glow up a little. Because who doesn’t want that?

So, here are some of those tricks:

Self Tan: Even if you’re not hitting the beach any time soon, just having the illusion of healthier, tanned skin will remind you that spring is around the corner. I love this one from Jergens because it doesn’t smell icky and is moisturizing. Plus, it’s a cheaper alternative to high-end ones, so you can find it at your grocery store.

Moisturizer: Applying lotion morning and night will ensure that your skin never gets itchy or dry. It’s important to stay on top of it because the humid summer months are still far ahead. I found a large bottle from Suave that is meant to be applied after the shower.

Highlighter: Using a shimmery liquid highlight will let your inner light glow through. It’s a great way to prevent your skin from looking dull. This one from NYX works well- a little goes a long way!

Exfoliating Brush: I swear by this $25 brush from Olay. I’ve had it for years, and you can switch the brush heads easily. It helps remove dead skin cells from your face and any excess makeup. Plus, it’s a really good dupe for the $120 Clarisonic.

Masks: Treating your skin to a mask once a week is a great way to pamper and rejuvenate.

A Smile: Remember, nothing beats a smiling face. Your true glow comes from within. (You knew I couldn’t write a post like this without making it at least a little cheesy!)

I hope this little guide was helpful! It’s natural to feel a little dull this time of year, but treating yourself to a few pampering products really goes a long way. 🙂

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