to all the boys who broke my heart

to all the boys who broke my heart

On the behalf of women everywhere…

To the not-so-dear boys who broke my heart:

You made me doubt myself, even if it was just for a second. You made me feel like I wasn’t good enough. Like there was something inherently wrong with me that drove you away…that is, until enough of you messed with my head for me to realize that this entire time, it wasn’t me. You were right about one thing: it wasn’t me, it was you. 

To all the boys who broke my heart- you confused me to no end. You made me cry, write sad poems, pound on my steering wheel in anger…

All of you broke my heart for different reasons, and I’ll admit; sometimes, I deserved it. But wasting my time begging for your approval was my biggest mistake.

To all the boys who broke my heart: I hope you regret it. I hope that one day you realize the value in treating women with respect.

To all the boys who broke my heart: some of you didn’t even break my heart directly. Some of you broke the hearts of my friends, the girls I’ve passed on the street, conversations I’ve overheard, all wondering, “Why doesn’t he want me?”

So no, this isn’t an angry open letter directed at my exes. This is one mass wake-up call to the guys who think it’s okay to string girls along for sport. For all those confused girls who can’t figure out what it is they’re doing wrong- when really, their only mistake was choosing the wrong guy. And even that is nothing to be ashamed of, because how are we supposed to know from the get-go that you’re going to break our hearts?

To all the boys who broke my heart; who forced us to go through the pain of rejection. Do you know how hard we tried for you? Do you know how it feels to believe everything you could give still wasn’t enough?

To all the boys who broke my heart- not all guys are like you. And maybe one day, you’ll mature and change your ways.

To all the girls my heart breaks for- be yourself, and that is your “good enough.” And if he can’t see that, you’re too good for him.

With all my love,


Disclaimer: This post is not intended for any specific person, and is certainly not to make sweeping generalizations about men. This post is simply meant to help women going through a similar experience feel less alone. 


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