How to Treat Yourself this Valentine’s Day!

How to Treat Yourself this Valentine’s Day!

Hello, my loves,

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow- one of my favorite holidays! Regardless of who you’re spending the day with, the day of love should begin with yourself. It’s the perfect excuse to have a spa night, buy some flowers, and eat some chocolate. So here is a list of ways to practice self-love on the day of love!

  1. Wear Something Amazing: Got a new outfit you’ve been saving? Go ahead and wear it! The right outfit can give you so much confidence, and you’ll look and feel beautiful.
  2. Buy Your Favorite Candy: Go to the store and pick up the most delicious thing you can find. Enjoy it on your own or split it with a loved one!
  3. Book a Manicure: Treat yourself to a spa day, or have one yourself at home! You’ll feel so pampered and pretty with fresh nails.
  4. Buy Flowers for Someone: Pick up a bouquet and give it to someone, anyone: a friend, a neighbor, someone crabby at work who could use it. Something so simple will brighten someone’s whole day. And seeing them smile will make you feel great. Plus, while you’re at it, you can snag some fresh blooms for your own kitchen table!
  5. Watch a Cute Movie: What is Valentine’s Day without sappy, romantic movies? It’s basically International Day of Chick Flicks and Chocolate.

So hopefully after you’ve done all these things, you’ve had the best V-Day ever. <3

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