Where to Find your Prom Dress: Five Unexpected Stores

Where to Find your Prom Dress: Five Unexpected Stores

Hello, loves!

With prom season around the corner, I decided to compile a list of stores where you wouldn’t expect to find the perfect formal dress, but actually have a great selection (and won’t break the bank!)

Windsor: Windsor has hundreds of beautiful formal gowns, and if you’re not much of a sequins and sparkle girl (like me) you’ll find plenty of dresses that aren’t too frilly.

ASOS: ASOS actually has a wide variety of short and long prom dresses with fashion-forward, intricate detail.

Amazon: Yes, you can even get your prom dress on Amazon prime! I ordered this one and it arrived in good condition and is nice quality.

H&M: I found an adorable homecoming dress at H&M a few years ago. If you look hard enough for quality items, you can find them there (and matching shoes!)

Nordstrom Rack: This website and store has an endless selection of formal dresses- even some designer names for a steal.

I hope this post was helpful, and I can’t wait to write more prom-related blogs coming up!

Happy dress hunting!




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