to all the girls who are heartbroken

to all the girls who are heartbroken

Hiiiiii love,

First thing’s first: you are not the problem. I hope you already knew that, though.

Clearly you are upset because you’ve been rejected by someone, or someone has hurt you. You have every right to be. You’re not crazy, a boy just made you crazy. You’re golden, sweet cheeks.

Here’s my advice: settle in with some chocolate and Friends, run a bubble bath, and call up your best friend. That’ll make you feel better. But first, you definitely need to let out all your pent-up emotions and get over this. Set a picture on fire, or go to a remote place and scream as loud as you can…like John Green might say, pain demands to be felt. You’re not a psycho if you need to let go of a little anger and sadness. You’re just human.

Do not get down on yourself because one idiot couldn’t see a catch when you were right in front of his face. Never crawl back to someone who makes you feel like you weren’t enough. Move the hell on. Meet someone new. Don’t try to convince someone who let you down to give you another chance. He’s lucky you gave him a chance.

The most important thing is to deal with your emotions in a healthy way, while still handling it all gracefully. Try not to lash out at the people who are there to help you. There’s one person to blame, and that’s the guy who broke your heart. 

And while we’re on the topic of blame, don’t make excuses for someone who hurt you. You’re allowed to be mad at someone who hurt you. That’s a normal and completely justified reaction. Don’t blame yourself and believe you have failed. Relationships come and go. People are a fickle breed.

To all the girls who are heartbroken: here is my assignment for you. Love yourself.

Love yourself the way you deserve to be loved.

It’s a crazy world out there…but you’ll always have yourself. And me. And your family. And your best girlfriends. And your dog. And chocolate.

It’s a really wonderful life, with or without a boyfriend. Never settle.

A million hugs and kisses to you, my darling!



Disclaimer: I don’t write these posts to single anyone out or complain- this is meant to help other girls feel less alone. 

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