10 Reasons Why Being Single Isn’t So Bad

10 Reasons Why Being Single Isn’t So Bad

Hello, my dears,

I want to start off by saying how refreshing it has been to write about my actual experiences and thoughts this year. It’s nice to feel like I’m being honest and helping people instead of just writing about clothes and makeup and whatnot. I made it my goal to steer this blog in a new direction for 2018, and I’m proud of the improvement so far.


This idea popped into my head at the gym this morning. It’s funny to me the way some people pity you when you’re not in a relationship. I don’t really understand that. Sometimes, you’re better off being on your own for a while. (Or, as I would say, you’re better off standing on your own two feet than leaning on someone else.) 

I’m going to be honest here and say that up until senior year, I was in a relationship more during high school than I was ever single. Being in some longer relationships taught me a lot, but I never got to truly experience the single life. And while a stable relationship is a wonderful thing to have, it’s important not to overlook the value of singlehood.

Now that I’ve been doing this for a few months, I thought I would share some of the best parts of flying solo:

  1. You Save Money: You’ll have so much more cash to save or spend on yourself rather than on dates or gifts for a S.O. Cha-ching!
  2. You Socialize: If you’ve ever been through a breakup, you’ve probably had that moment when you realize you’re really, really lonely afterward. But then you start calling up old friends and making new ones, and suddenly you’ve got yourself an amazing social life with great memories and awesome people.
  3. You Find Yourself: Relationships change people. Spending a lot of time with a certain partner might cause you to change your interests and mannerisms a bit. But once you’re on your own, you have the chance to take on whatever you want and explore new interests and passions.
  4. You Can Pick Up and Go: Nothing and no one is holding you back. Weekend trip? Hell yes. Backpacking through Europe? Why not! You can finally explore the world, guilt-free.
  5. You Become More Independent: It’s normal to be spoiled a little bit and get out of doing some everyday chores. Maybe your partner always drove you places, or helped you balance your checkbook. Now that’s on you- and you’ll pick up valuable life skills and feel like you can totally handle the world on your own.
  6. The World is your Oyster: You can have a crush; a first kiss; a first date; the possibilities are endless! You’ll see the world through a whole new lens. And no one’s stopping you from crushing on that cutie at the gym.
  7. You’ll Have Hilarious Stories: Once you start dating again, you’ll probably kiss a few frogs, and that’s okay. Having those stories of being mixed up in dating woes will entertain your friends and family for years to come!
  8. And You’ll Give Good Advice: Your relationship ended for a reason, but the good news is, you’ll be able to offer some help for friends who go through a similar situation. You’ll be the group therapist, so to speak. And everyone will love you for it!
  9. You Never Have to Share your Dessert: So you can eat that sundae all by your damn self.
  10. And You Will Love yourself Most: Being single is an opportunity to focus on self-improvement and self-love. It’s a time to reflect and rebuild. So take advantage of this God-given dose of “me time” and make yourself your best self.

Cheers to all the single ladies!

Thanks for reading.



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