How to Spring Clean your Life

How to Spring Clean your Life

Hi loves!

I have to admit, I’m a spring cleaner. No, seriously. To me, there’s nothing better than cranking open those windows, letting in some fresh air, and dumping out all my old crap.

This year, I took spring cleaning to a new level.

I decided not only was I going to de-clutter my space, but also my personal life. That meant deleting contacts, unfollowing accounts, and disconnecting from people who burned their bridge long ago.

So here’s how to clear out your space for spring, both physically and mentally.

STEP ONE: Declutter your Room

Start with your bed: When was the last time you washed your sheets? Make your bed and perhaps even flip your mattress or move your bed so you can vacuum underneath.

And then tackle your desk: Throw out any unnecessary papers, dead pens, etc. Make sure to shred any important documents if you live in a place where people go through your trash.

Evaluate the space: Are you tired of a certain pillow? Or maybe looking to replace some photos? Freshen up your space with new patterns and prints. Out with the old and in with the new!

STEP TWO: Clean that Closet

Grab some garbage bags: And donate anything you haven’t worn this year to charity. If you’re not sure about something, try it on and ask someone what they think (preferably your most opinionated and honest friend). Ask yourself if you would purchase it again or if you can wear it with at least three different outfits.

Organize it: Some people prefer to color code, others not so much. For me, I like to arrange my clothes by how warm they are; so I hang all my sweaters together, my dresses together, my scarves together, etc. And I always tuck away seasonal clothes into plastic bins and label them so that they take up less space.

Make it pretty: Keep a few fun items visible so that you feel happy when you choose an outfit in the morning, or maybe hang a poster on the inside of your closet door that you wouldn’t normally put up in your house.

STEP THREE: The Bathroom

Throw out old makeup: Don’t save anything past its expiration date! Just suck it up and buy a new one. It’s better than letting bacteria build up in old products.

Re-fold towels and linens: So that your linen closet doesn’t look like a tornado.

Disinfect everything: And clean the drains as well.

Wash your brushes: Because germs are nasty!

STEP FOUR: Social Media

Unfollow exes: Because it’s none of your business what they’re up to, unless you’re still on good terms with them.

Delete contacts: Maybe you kept someone’s number for a group project in the past, or you have the numbers for old doctor’s offices and such. If you don’t really need those numbers anymore, just delete them.

Hide any accounts that piss you off: Is there someone you follow who constantly posts negative crap? Just hide their posts. They won’t be insulted that you unfriended them, and you won’t feel annoyed every time they tweet.


You thought I forgot, didn’t you?

Throw out/recycle those half-full water bottles: I know you have them, too.

And pitch old receipts from the drive-thru!

Wipe the dust off your dashboard and make sure all your documents are up-to-date.

And hopefully by now, your life is squeaky clean!

I hope this helped. 🙂

Thanks for reading!




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