In Memory of Givenchy

In Memory of Givenchy

Hello, my dears!

Yesterday, the fashion world lost one of its most valuable players. Hubert de Givenchy revolutionized female style during the 1900’s, styling Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O.

Givenchy believed that clothing should be made to fit the body, and the body should not be made to fit the clothing.

What an idea, right?

I love designers who challenged the norms of fashion during their times. Chanel brought comfort to fashion; Marc Jacobs loves playing up lively patterns and fabrics; Versace emphasized the link between style and lifestyle.

These geniuses, these creators, present to us what we wear on our backs every day. It takes one person to wear something well to start a trend. And these amazing designers didn’t just follow or rejuvenate old trends; they created them.

Givenchy gave power to a little black dress and pearls.

A simple yet stunning look that has flattered so many figures for decades.

Rest in peace, Mr. Givenchy. And I hope more designers with his unique mindset are coming our way in the future.

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