High School Advice from a Senior: My Biggest Regrets

High School Advice from a Senior: My Biggest Regrets

Hello everyone!

Today, I wanted to write a high school advice post (in honor of it being senior skip day!). I was thinking about what I regret most about my high school experience and what I would do differently if I had another chance. I have a few ideas I thought I would share in case you guys are younger and want the honest truth:

I wish I had taken a lighter course load senior year. I took five AP classes, six first semester. The work load was crushing sometimes, and I have had to sacrifice my social life sometimes for homework. While there are so many benefits to taking advanced courses, I wish I had only taken two, maybe three, and opted for some easier, more fun electives to fill up my schedule instead.

I wish I had enrolled in dual credit options. Looking back, I wish I had taken the opportunity to take classes at local colleges instead of in my school. It would have made my schedule more flexible, and I would have had more options for classes to choose from.

I wish I had dated less. I spent more time in a relationship during high school than I did single. I wasted a lot of time changing myself for boyfriends and not focusing on myself.

I wish I had applied to more colleges. I applied to only two colleges, both less than an hour from home. While applying to more would have cost more money and time, it would have been cool to apply to some more challenging schools to see if I got in. I don’t regret my college decision whatsoever and would have chosen Kent either way, but I did miss out on acceptance letter season, big time.

I wish I had committed to fewer clubs. Junior year, I booked myself with numerous clubs and activities, some of which I didn’t even enjoy. I cut back senior year after narrowing it down to my favorites, and I am much happier. While it doesn’t hurt to try a variety and go to a few meetings, you don’t need to feel bad about quitting an extracurricular. It’s not for a grade, and the club would rather have members who are 100% committed.

I wish I was more chill. I was a total spaz freshman year up until a few months ago, after I got my acceptance letter and mentally checked out. I would make myself sick over grades and other stressful problems. Senior year really taught me how to let loose and go with the flow.

I wish I hadn’t taken hard math and science classes. I made a big mistake taking honors and AP math/science courses. I struggled and didn’t make the best grades, and would have done just fine in an easier class.

All of my mistakes helped me learn and made me who I am. I am totally fulfilled with my high school experience, but when it comes to do’s and don’ts, well…these are my don’ts.

Ultimately, these types of choices are up to you. High school is what you make it, and I had a great experience.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helped you!



Photo courtesy of Natalie Hillyer.

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