Answering More Questions! Part Two

Answering More Questions! Part Two

Helloooo everyone!

I’m back with fifty more questions to answer!

  1. Do you brush teeth twice a day? Yep!
  2. Which snack do you like the most? Chips and salsa is always delicious.
  3. Which restaurant is your favorite? Can’t go wrong with Cheesecake Factory.
  4. “A person is known by a company he keeps”. Do you believe that? No.
  5. Are you a good secret keeper? Not really.
  6. Are you a good friend? I like to think so.
  7. Do you ever betray someone? I may have a few times, not deliberately.
  8. Do you love your parents? Of course!
  9. Do you like pets? Yeah, they’re fun.
  10. Which pet is your favorite? Dogs and cats.
  11. Which car is your favorite? Mine!
  12. Are you a foodie? Not really.
  13. What type of food do you prefer? All the carbs.
  14. Do you see nightmares? Sometimes, especially when I’m stressed or sick.
  15. Are you tight sleeper? What does that even mean?
  16. Which font style you preferred while typing? I literally could not care less about fonts.
  17. Do you play games? Mind games.
  18. Which offline game is your favorite? Basketball? I guess?
  19. What is the biggest regret of life? Dating too young.
  20. To whom you once wanna say sorry? I’ve said sorry to everyone who deserves it.
  21. Which sport is your favorite? Basketball to watch.
  22. Do you like to watch sports live? Yes!
  23. Describe yourself in three words? Elegant, determined, tasteful.
  24. Have someone ever ditched you? Probably, I can’t remember.
  25. Are you affected of Claustrophobia? No.
  26. Do you have any idol? Coco Chanel.
  27. Are you a good singer? Eh, I’m not great, I’m not horrible.
  28. What was your first pet? Probably the dog and cat my parents had when I was born. I think they had a bird at the time, too.
  29. Do you like camping? HAHAHA NO.
  30. Which movie did you watch first? Finding Nemo, and I got so scared we had to leave.
  31. Do you like dramas? Depends.
  32. Who is your favorite actor? Ansel Elgort.
  33. Who is your favorite actress? Emma Stone.
  34. Beauty or intelligence? What’s necessary? Intelligence duhhhhh
  35. What’s your nickname? I have a lot of them, Bean and Gracie are the most common.
  36. Which nickname of yours you hate the most? I don’t really hate any of them.
  37. Which moment of life is unforgettable for you? The time I saw Picasso’s Guernica.
  38. Do you like swimming? It’s okay.
  39. Do you like surfing? I’ve never tried it.
  40. Have you ever gone for skydiving? No, and I never would.
  41. Who is your best friend? My cat.
  42. Do you like partying all the time? No.
  43. Which season is your favorite? Fall.
  44. Which quality of a person do you like? Honesty.
  45. Who has inspired you most? My family.
  46. Are you a good decision maker? Yes.
  47. When did you date the first time? I think I was around 14.
  48. What three things make a date perfect? Guy is on time, guy is polite, guy does not keep checking the clock.
  49. Which song is your favorite? Mr. Brightside.
  50. Can you dance? Not well.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for Part 3 😉



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