Spring Break “Staycation” Bucket List!

Spring Break “Staycation” Bucket List!

Hiiii friends,

I made it home to Ohio yesterday and I still have a few days left of my spring break to enjoy. It inspired me to write a post with some ideas for fun ways to spend break if you’re not off to someplace sunny.

Visit a Museum: Look up some museums in your hometown and visit one you haven’t been to before! Most cities have at least a few good museums to pass the time.

Find Facebook Events Near You: One of Facebook’s best features is the fact that you’re just a few clicks away from local events. Look up what’s happening near you and who knows, you might end up at a yoga class or gallery opening!

Catch Up with Friends: Call up all your friends who are usually away at college and see if they want to meet up for dinner. It’s important to maintain your friendships, especially with people who aren’t local!

Try a New Workout: Spring break is the perfect time to take a new class you might have been reluctant to trying before. If you’re normally into yoga, try Zumba! You get the idea. And if you don’t like it? No harm, no foul.

Spring Clean: Now, this isn’t the most exhilarating activity, but purging some of your belongings and donating them will make you feel great!

I hope this helped you guys! Leave a comment letting me know how you’re spending your spring break!

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