Blogging Changed My Life…Here’s How

Blogging Changed My Life…Here’s How

Hiiii friends!

It’s officially April, which means it is also officially MY BLOG BIRTHDAY MONTH!!!

April 12th, ladies and gents. There’s gonna be a big party here on HP.

With this wonderful anniversary approaching, I’ve been thinking about all the positive changes that have come about in my life because of blogging.

I have met so many new friends, for starters. Internet friends are some of the best you’ll ever meet. I’m so lucky to call all these new people my “blog buddies” and can’t wait to meet more in the years to come. You know who you are! 🙂

I have helped others by writing about my experiences. This is truly one of the most touching aspects of blogging. Putting such personal stories into the public domain is absolutely terrifying, but totally worth it. I even came clean about my battle with anorexia, a story I have always wanted to share.

I have tried so many new things. From photoshoots, to blogger events, to brand deals, a world of opportunities opened up when I pressed “publish” on HP.

I have become a much more honest version of myself. By sharing my stories online, it has opened up conversation face-to-face about the challenges we all must overcome.

I built a stepping stone for my career. I found a passion of mine and developed skills from photojournalism to “computer stuff.”

Most importantly, I have built a community here on the Internet where I can share my life with all of you. You mean more to me than you could ever imagine. I write for you, because of you, inspired by you. My readers are my everything.

Starting my blog is the best thing I ever did. I love this and I love you.

Thanks for reading…always. <3



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