Happy Place

Happy Place

Story time…

Yesterday was the first beautiful spring day to grace The Land, and I was committed to enjoying it. So, after school, I decided to go out and enjoy my life. I rolled down my car windows, blasted some Post Malone, and drove myself off to Dunks (that’s my nickname for Dunkin Donuts).

Then I decided, the fun shouldn’t end here. So I ran off to a nearby park and enjoyed my bagel and iced coffee in the middle of a windy field. I actually got to spend time by myself, in my own company. It was marvelous.

I got to just sit and bask in the sun and feel my hair in the wind and breathe for once. Separate myself from the pile of assignments and emails and expectations for twenty minutes. I could think and process everything that’s been on my mind and figure out how I want to handle it all. I needed it.

Then I went to Heinen’s and decided to buy some flowers because every time I go to the market and see flowers, I tell myself “Not today.” And I decided that they’re a beautiful and lovely indulgence, and I am entitled to that wonderfully temporary indulgence every now and then.

And that’s my weird story of how I took an afternoon to do whatever I wanted and literally go wherever the wind took me. It was peaceful and exciting and a beautiful start to spring. I have to do this more often. 

Who wants to join my hippie club?

Go have a great day, it’s springtime now.

I love you!




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