A Newfound Peace and Happiness

A Newfound Peace and Happiness

Hello my friends…

Can I just say…

This week has been so fab and it’s all coming from a good attitude. I’m so proud of that. I have found a new outlook through minimalism and health and I have honestly never felt happier.

I finally realized that the best things in life are just meant to be. Sometimes it’s best to let shit fall into place and not fuss too much. Most of the time, there’s nothing you can do but let the universe be.

You can’t drive the car, you just gotta ride.

I have finally began to let go of material things, I have started focusing on my health, especially my mental health, and been more aware of the fact that I can’t do freaking everything so I need to choose what makes me happiest and let go of the rest.

So I went from planning my day to the minute to rolling out my yoga mat and reading books. I started taking vitamins again. I smile when the sun comes out. I’m just enjoying every good damn thing that comes my way because I know it doesn’t last forever.

The truth of the matter is, you only get to be young once. I’m not wasting my best years feeding into my stress addiction. I’m just not. I’m still going to be productive, working, going to school, all that. But when I’m not fulfilling my jobs, I’m enjoying my life. There’s no reason to feel guilty about that.

So there’s that. That’s how I found happiness. And also, by prioritizing what specifically brings me joy in my life, through minimalism and the Konmari method.

I love you xx


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