Minimalist De-Cluttering Tips // How to Live your Best Life

Minimalist De-Cluttering Tips // How to Live your Best Life

The minimalist mindset has seriously changed my life.

It has inspired me to collect more moments instead of things. 

It has allowed me to enjoy the simple things in life without carrying the stress of a cluttered mind.

Letting go of things is extremely challenging, but rewarding. Life becomes a lot more meaningful when you’re surrounded only by the things that you love and have a purpose in your life.


Here are some of my tips for decluttering and living a more minimal lifestyle:

  1. Accept minimalism for what it is. It is a process; a journey. Minimalism is not simply throwing out most of your things and living with only white sheets and a laptop. It’s about living more intentionally: doing more of what makes you happy, finding joy in simplicity, and becoming a more conscious consumer.
  2. Declutter regularly. I go through my things at least once a week to clean out anything that is no longer needed. Collecting items along the way is part of life, but you don’t need to hold on to every extra button and receipt that comes your way. If you haven’t used it yet, you probably won’t ever use it. So either find a use for it right away or give it to someone who will actually put it to good use. That’s the guideline I follow.
  3. Live in the moment: We use material things to hold on to the past (which can cause depression) and prepare for the future by keeping things we “might need someday” (which can cause anxiety). Minimalism allows you to live in the present and focus on what matters and what you actually want to do in your life.
  4. Enjoy experiences: I spend more of my money now on experiences than material goods that will probably become clutter. I try to spend on things like tickets to events or dinners with friends- memories I can make. This is obviously a process and takes time to adapt to, but it is a much more worthwhile way to live.
  5. Remember that minimalism means something different to everyone: It’s not a contest for who can own less stuff. It’s about only keeping what serves a purpose in your life and brings you happiness.
  6. Minimalism applies to all aspects of life: Once you start decluttering your physical space, you also begin to notice the clutter in your head space. You become more self-aware. Embrace that and take advantage. Use this opportunity to work through anything in your mind that’s burdening you. Becoming a minimalist helped me to properly handle a lot of emotions I’ve pushed down over the last few months.
  7. Attract good vibes: Decluttering your headspace and focusing on perpetuating a bright and glowing energy will help you attract and manifest positive changes in your life.


I hope this inspired you to go live your best life! Good vibes and sunshine 🙂

Thanks for reading!



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