I’m Basically Done with High School: Here is Everything I Learned the Past 4 Years

I’m Basically Done with High School: Here is Everything I Learned the Past 4 Years

Hello friends,

Just like that…I’m pretty much done. Yesterday was my last day of classes, and now all I’ve got left is exams, my internship, and graduation. In other words, I’ll never have a normal eight-period day of high school again. All finished.

I can’t say I’m terribly sad to be leaving. I’ll miss the people more than the lifestyle, I guess. The truth is, I’ve been so excited for Kent for such a long time that finally finishing high school is surreal in a good way.

I’ve written posts like this before, where I dish out my “words of wisdom” on how to get good grades, study well, and avoid dating disasters. But in this post, I want to go year by year and tell you the things I did or wish I did.

I hope this helps.


-Join clubs, but not more than a few. You can do anything, but not everything. Join things you actually like, not just to put on your “resume.” Your high school “resume” really does not matter that much and is absolutely not worth doing something you don’t like.


-Get your requirements and hard classes out of the way early: health, PE, whatever your school is forcing you to take to graduate. Trust me, you do NOT want to be than senior who had to take health with a bunch of ninth graders.

-Don’t date the first person you meet. Anyone who comes on too strong is probably a creep, and freshman year is not a good time to be distracted with dating drama. Also…you don’t want a reputation. You just don’t.

-Try to get mostly A’s because the classes are easier. By the time you’re a junior and senior, it’s probably okay to get more B’s and C’s because your classes are at a much higher level. Trust me, freshman year is not hard and you won’t have that much work, so do the little amount you have to help out your cumulative GPA later on. Your senioritis will thank you.

-You probably won’t be best friends with the first people you meet, and that’s fine. No one expects to be best friends after only meeting once; it takes time to find people you click with. Be patient and don’t try too hard.

-And finally, for freshman: there’s a reason why upperclassmen hate you. It’s because you’re so damn loud. Settle down and stop pushing each other into lockers.



-Get your license as soon as possible. I don’t care if you won’t have your own car; it’s better just to have one. It’s like braces- better deal with having them when you’re in middle school and everyone else has them than when you’re an adult. Everyone else is in the same boat going to driving school, so do it now when you’re not too busy. I don’t advise waiting until you’re a junior because that’s an added stress you just don’t need.


-Start thinking about college. Just because it’s a few years away doesn’t mean it hurts to start looking. Take it seriously. Look at a small school, a medium sized school, and a bigger school and see which one you like the most. Figure out how far from home you want to be. If you start thinking about this stuff early on, you won’t be screwing around senior year trying to decide where to go.

-Take the ACT and SAT. Try them both. See which one you do better on and then take that one again. Most of the subjects tested on these exams are ninth and tenth grade level. You can handle it. Take it and if you don’t like your score you can always take it again. It does not hurt you.



-It is honestly the hardest year of high school. Hang in there.

-Run for some leadership positions in your clubs. Only do this if you’re serious and up for it.

-Start narrowing down your list of colleges and visit them all. You will know the second you step foot on a campus if you like it or not.

-Your grades still matter!

-If you have a job, make sure it’s part-time and flexible. Junior year gets really busy and the last thing you need it to be stuck at work until midnight on a Wednesday.

-If your top colleges require essays, start drafting them summer before senior year. If your colleges, like mine, don’t require essays or recommendations, don’t waste your time.



-Take easy classes. If you’re going to take AP, don’t take more than two, maybe three if you’re ambitious.

-Visit your counselor often. If they know who you are, they’ll attend to your needs first.

-Stay on top of your college apps.


-Apply for some scholarships, but don’t go crazy. Apply for ones you know you have a good chance of getting.

-Skip a few days. You’re a senior, it’s allowed.

-Don’t break up a good relationship just because you’re going to college. Give it a chance.

-If your school allows senior projects or internships, do one. Get yourself out early.

-Senioritis is a real thing. Don’t think you’ll be any different.

-Enjoy living with your parents who love you, rent-free, with bread on the table. Adulthood is on its way and I’ve heard it sucks.


And that’s what I learned from high school.

Thanks for reading!






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