an abundant universe

an abundant universe

Hiiiii friends…

I want to talk about such an important thing I’ve come to realize and I hope this helps you, too:

Everything we want in life already exists and is available to us; we just have to reach out and take it.

Life isn’t a pie. The more good energy we take, the more we can pass on to other people. And that’s beneficial to everyone.

We live in an abundant universe. That means that whatever we are lacking; money, health, time; is already out there, we just have to manifest it.

If you’re into this sort of thing, you should check out Jen Sincero’s You Are A Badass. I was skeptical of all this at first, but it really does work.

For example…

A few days ago. It was a beautiful day and I knew parking at work would be hard. But I pictured getting a free parking spot in my head and believed there would be a spot for me when I got to the lot. And guess what…there were multiple. Coincidence? Maybe. But this kind of thinking doesn’t hurt.

Exhibit B: I decided to check out a new park today and got totally lost. No cell phone, totally alone, had no fking clue where to go next. I caught myself saying, “I’m never going to get out of here.” And when I caught myself and instead said “I am going to find my way back to my car,” I found someone who finally had good directions, followed the path, and there was my car. All I did was change my thinking and my situation changed, too. (Don’t be fooled; there was a lot of stopping strangers for directions, running, crying, swearing, and cursing the skies before I found my enlightenment). 

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean sitting on your butt and saying “I believe what I want will knock on my door and come get me.” It means believing that it’s within your reach and when you loosen your grip a little bit, the way to get there becomes abundantly clear.

What do you think?

Thanks for reading!


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