How to Have a Wellness Routine

How to Have a Wellness Routine

Hello friends!

Today I want to share some tips for creating your own wellness routine.

A wellness routine, at least in my opinion, is different from a fitness routine or a diet. A wellness routine combines healthy living with activities you love to make for a more positive and simple life.

First, I’m going to share some of the components of my wellness routine. Then, I’ll share some tips for how you can begin your own.

Let’s get started…


My Wellness Routine:

Exercise: It’s taken years for me to find an exercise routine that I enjoy. I personally love working out at a gym, I like to put my headphones on and have time for myself. I don’t enjoy group classes, so I don’t do them anymore. It’s important to know your limits and when to stop, and being careful and listening to your body is the key here. I’ve also gotten more into running again, now that it’s warm outside, and practicing yoga for 10-15 minutes in the morning or evening. These are all activities I look forward to doing and make me feel good.

Eating: I think hydration is something I really neglected well…my entire life. So I try to always carry water with me and I drink tea sometimes at night, too. As far as food goes, I tend to stick to simpler meals. I don’t eat anything I know I hate (most meat, hot/spicy foods, fried foods) but I also don’t deny myself the things I love (bread, and most importantly, dessert). I try my best to eat three meals a day but between jobs it can be hard, so packing snacks and leftovers is a really good idea. Nutrition plays such an important role in your overall health, so it makes a difference when you care for it. And more importantly, eat enough to keep yourself going. You can’t run on empty.

Sleep: I’ve struggled with insomnia in the past, so figuring out what helps me sleep best has been a challenge. I sleep fantastically now and while I don’t want to be a material person, I have to say it’s come down to three things: a salt lamp, an essential oil diffuser, a McKenzie cervical roll pillow. The lamp I leave on at night so I can see, but it’s such a  soft light that it helps me feel more relaxed. The diffuser I turn on at night with lavender essential oil. And the roll pillow, oh my God, is the greatest thing. I sleep with it under my neck and don’t have pain in the mornings.

Stress Management: To manage my stress, I’ve began designating time to be away from my cell phone, and I also put away any loose papers that I need to deal with when I’m trying to relax. I also like to go for hikes or be in nature when I’m feeling stressed to clear my mind and feel grounded. It sounds like a big spiritual cliche, but I find that removing myself from “reality” (meaning my house, work, school, etc) and driving off to some place quiet (mostly parks and lakes) to just sit and breathe helps me so much. Writing down your ideas and things you want to keep track of can also help empty out your head and help improve your focus.

Mindfulness: The most important component in my wellness routine: mindfulness. This word has meant a lot of different things to me over the years…right now it means acting intentionally in all aspects of my life. Asking myself why. Going out and trying new things, talking with people so I can learn, living in my own life instead of sitting in the audience watching it all go by. I want to be actively deciding what is mine to decide.

So there’s my wellness routine: how I keep my mind, body, and spirit in check.


Now how can you have your own?

Exercise: Think back to when you were a kid. What did you love to do when you were running around in the yard? Did you prefer to play alone, or with your friends? Believe it or not, these questions can help you figure out your exercise preferences. Remembering how you enjoyed exercise before it became a chore will help you select an activity you look forward to. It should be fun! Try new things, and if you hate it, no harm, no foul. You don’t have to go back.

Eating: I think setting aside time to focus on preparing your meals is an important factor. For example, spend the time you might normally spend on your phone or watching TV preparing your lunch for the following day. You’ll save time and stress, and will be able to look forward to your lunch. Don’t force yourself to eat things you don’t like, everyone’s tastes are different. Have a balance. Listen to your body. Don’t think to hard about it.

Sleep: Make a list of the complaints you have about your sleep. Are you waking up with cramps? Do you dream too much? Do you always have to get up to use the bathroom? Once you pinpoint exactly why you’re not sleeping well, you can look into natural remedies for those issues.

Stress Management: Be selfish. Start saying “no” more. You’re not responsible for everyone and everything all the time, so stop trying to be. Don’t feel guilty for taking time for yourself, because without it, you won’t be able to help other people. Go to the damn spa. Go for a walk on the beach by yourself. Learn to be happy in your own company.

Mindfulness: This one is so painfully simple…just start asking yourself “why?”

I hope this was helpful!

Be well!



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