How to Take Time for Yourself: An Art Form

How to Take Time for Yourself: An Art Form

Pretty perplexing…

We feel it’s almost shameful to take time off and to ourselves. For some reason, it’s preferable that we lash out and develop pent-up emotions instead of releasing, enjoying, and observing the world.

I present to you: the art of caring for yourself.

This is more than just taking vitamins and sleeping at night. This goes beyond simply surviving. This is thriving. How do we do it?

The art of caring for yourself is listening to your heart, your soul, your intuition. It’s going whatever direction your inner voice tells you. Harder than it sounds, but…

The art of caring for yourself is taking a journey to focus on clearing your mind of negative vibes. If you’re craving the beach, go to the beach. If you need the sun, find the sun. If you need to be close to falling water, go there. Go to the places that are calling you and can cleanse your soul.

The art of caring for yourself is treating yourself. Pampering yourself. Indulging in rituals that refresh you. There’s a reason why we find face masks and chocolate truffle boxes so wonderful and relaxing: they nourish the soul and remind us why we’re working so hard. Working hard doesn’t feel good when you never stop to enjoy a rest. It may seem like you’re being more productive, but running yourself on empty is counterproductive. You can’t give any more when you don’t allow yourself to receive. 

Start by taking ten or twenty minutes. A week. You can find ten minutes, I promise you. Do an online yoga video, eat breakfast outside, paint a canvas. Do something that gets you jazzed up. Gradually, you can build up that time to spend more of your life doing what you love.

This is your life. You call the shots. How do you want to live?

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