I Graduated & I’m Not Going to Kent Anymore?? Life Update

I Graduated & I’m Not Going to Kent Anymore?? Life Update

Hiiiiii guys…

I graduated!


I also wanted to address the fact that I’ve withdrawn from Kent State.


Ok, let me explain.

May was a long month of identity crisis. I changed my major, changed my mind again, changed my mind about college and my future altogether and now I’m here.

It all started after I began my job at the gym. I love that environment and being surrounded by all things health and wellness. Biology and health has always fascinated me, and I began to realize that maybe I was pushing myself into a future I wasn’t sure about (by jumping straight into an interior design major at Kent). I knew it couldn’t be a good sign that I kept changing my mind…so I decided, maybe I need to take some time to figure it out.

After talking with numerous friends, coworkers, family members, and even strangers, I came to the conclusion that I don’t want to move out and live away at college for the next four years. In fact, I never really wanted “the college experience.” I was just going because it was the logical next step. As I wrapped up high school and college came closer, I started panicking. I’d signed myself up to pay thousands of dollars for an experience I didn’t even want. Holy hell.

So I decided maybe it was time to loosen my grip and allow the Great and Powerful Universe to show me the way. And it did.

I opened myself up to any and all possibilities. I finally found the guts to put down a deposit on yoga teacher training. I started looking into community colleges (that’s TBD, still). Meanwhile, I’ve kept working at my side gigs and reading all kinds of books about mindfulness, yoga, you name it. I started going to the beach more. To just sit and think. To be with myself.

It has been so transformative, let me tell you. At first, I woke up every morning and remembered I had no idea what my future would hold in three months. It was an awful feeling. But once I started living on my own terms and believing that anything I wanted to achieve was within my means, that changed. I wake up every morning happy.

So I suppose the point of all this was to tell you that I’m happy with my decisions. For the first time in my entire eighteen years, I am truly satisfied with the life I am creating for myself. That, my friends, means more to me than my “plan.” I’m not sure what I’ll be doing in a year, or two, or ten. But I know I’ll be happy, and that’s what matters.

So there you have it…that’s why I cancelled my enrollment at Kent.


Thanks for reading!





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