Alien Tag!

Alien Tag!

Hi friends!

If you’ve spent any time around me, I’ve probably asked you about aliens once or twice. The possibility of the existence of other beings fascinates me. I want aliens to be real…so much.

I found this tag from one of my favorite YouTubers (Taylluna) and I just had to do it!

  1. Do you believe in aliens? What makes you believe? 

Yes. I believe in aliens because the universe is so enormous, and there has to be some type of life out there other than us. They might not be as advanced as us, or they might be more advanced than us. But I think it’s a little narcissistic to believe we’re the only ones here.

2. @spookylittlevegan Was the crash in 1947 that took place in Roswell, NM real?

I like to think so! Based on how the authorities reacted to it, I think it was definitely sketch.

3. Do you think that the government is hiding something UFO related in Area 51?

I wouldn’t be surprised. The fact that it’s so high-security and no one knows what goes on there makes it all the more sketchy. Based on what I’ve read and heard, there’s more going on there than they’re letting on.

4. Do you think there could be aliens walking among humans and no one knows?

It’s possible, but I don’t really think so.

5. Have you ever seen a UFO?

No. 🙁

6. What would you do if you saw an alien / UFO? Would you be scared? Would you report it?

I would be so excited! And I think I would report it, only because I’m so curious to find out more.

7. If humans are made from the universe, are we technically aliens, too?

Absolutely! If there are other life forms, we’re aliens to them, too.

8. Do you think that the mysterious cattle mutilations at ranches are done by aliens?

No, I don’t think aliens would be aggressive.

9. Opinion on crop circles?

I think some of them might be a hoax, but there are some that are super mysterious and I think they could come from aliens.

10. @kikinha_ Do you think we will ever really know the truth about aliens? How? 

Yes- I think we may find out years and years in the future, when we’re able to explore more of space. The further we go out and explore, the more likely we are to find other life forms, I think.

11. When you think of aliens, what do you picture? What do they look like?

I picture the stereotypical gray, skinny body with a big round head and black eyes. And antennae.

12. Do you think the we/ the government has tried communicating with them?

Absolutely, 100% yes. I think that if we had no knowledge whatsoever of other beings, there would be no historical record of it. Even ancient cultures seemed to be aware that they could be visited by aliens. And since they’ve been popularized in our culture, the idea had to have come from some truth.

13. @selkie.soul How far developed do you think their species is and what would it look like? 

I think in our galaxy, if there are aliens, they wouldn’t be as developed as us. But further out into space, who knows…there could be a society even more advanced than ours!

14. Do you think people are made from stardust?

I think we’re made up of some of the same things as stars, and we all have a little of the universe in us.

15. @itsjoey If aliens came to earth, asked you to leave with them, but you had to leave everything you had on earth behind and never come back, would you?

Probably not. I would be too afraid.

16. Do they know they’re aliens? Are we aliens to them?

Yes and yes.

17. @ava_hamer Do you think something’s really out there, or that there are just energies buzzing about in everyday life?

I think we pick up certain vibes in different situations and it’s not a coincidence. There’s definitely something out there.

18. @dunkelheit0celot89 Do you believe the human race can become greedy enough to take in all the other worldly information and try to become a race that is superior against the alien race? 

I wouldn’t put it past us…but only if the governments of multiple countries could access that information. Then it would turn into a competition like the Space Race and we would fight to exploit them for their information.

19. What do you think these space beings want from us, since they keep visiting?

I think they just want to know what we’re all about. I don’t think they mean any harm, I think they just want to communicate.

20. Would they approve cannabis? 

Maybe they have their own alien drugs?

That’s all for the alien tag! I would love to know- what’s your opinion on aliens? Do you believe in them? What do they want? Leave me some comments!

Thanks for reading!



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