Writing Down Your Goals: Does it Actually Work?

Writing Down Your Goals: Does it Actually Work?

Hiiiii friends….

Turning 18 and graduating high school is all fun and great until it’s been a minute and you realize your entire life is ahead of you and it’s completely all up to you now. That being said, most of us experience this shock of “I don’t know what to do next” at many points in our lives. For weeks, months, years even, I’ve struggled with that question: What do I want? Who do I want to be? And then the voices start cutting in: well, you need to pay your bills, you need to be successful, you need to be educated. You get the picture.

While there are non-negotiables in life, such as having food on the table and a roof over your head, (and taxes, unfortunately) there is so much opportunity to create the life you want in the chaos of trying to survive. It may require a few part-time jobs and hardcore budgeting, but if you’re willing to connect with your heart and accept what it is you really want, and then actually figure out the steps you need to put it into action, I guess that’s the golden ticket.

When I was struggling to determine my next move, physically writing down ideas and responding to prompts was actually so helpful. Granted, I do a lot of writing and that sort of thing comes pretty naturally- BUT- being forced to give concrete, written in ink answers that aren’t just me fumbling for words trying to explain to a stranger what I want out of my future…well, it provides some clarity.

I’m sure people ask you all the time, especially during transitions in your life, what’s next? What’s your plan? Ok, yes, you can’t plan everything. But you can have goals, and set out to achieve those goals, and if you’re dedicated enough to just write them down and track them, you’re on the path.

Sometimes a task seems overwhelming until we break it into smaller steps and accept that it won’t come immediately. Success comes after a long spell of delayed gratification.

I really recommend just sitting down with some paper and asking yourself the following questions: Where do I want to be in five years? (NOT where you see yourself). What did I enjoy doing most when I was a kid? What makes me feel lit up? What are the steps I can take to achieve a reasonable goal? Who can I talk to who might be able to help me get there?

Just give it a try. 😉

Thanks for reading! You all are the BEST and I love you!

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