Forgiveness is for You

Forgiveness is for You

Lessons from Heatherash Amara…

The chapter in The Warrior Goddess Way all about forgiveness stuck with me. Forgiveness is challenging because most of us, myself included, believe that if someone has wronged us, forgiving means letting them get away with it. Like we’re saying what they did was okay. However, after reading this book and thinking about it more, I’ve come to realize forgiveness isn’t the same as submission. It’s not the same as being a doormat and letting someone take advantage. Rather, it’s letting go of a burden. By saying “I forgive,” you are not condoning someone’s actions. You’re not saying what happened didn’t upset you. You are freeing yourself from carrying around feelings of judgment, hurt, and anger.

As for putting this into practice…

I love the idea of cleansing yourself spiritually by writing down things you want to let go of. I have an envelope with “Things That No Longer Serve Me” written on the back, and I write down notes whenever negative thoughts cross my mind so that I’ve -symbolically- put them out of my life. As a counterpart, I write down notes of things I want to manifest into my life and put those into a different envelope. It’s something you need to believe in for it to work, but like journaling or art, it allows you to release feelings in a more constructive way.

There’s a lot I need to forgive, and it takes a lot of time and attention. It’s one step toward living a more free and beautiful life.

What do you think about forgiveness? Leave me comments, I would love to hear!

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