How to Heal your Heart with Yoga

How to Heal your Heart with Yoga

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I know you know this, but…I’m kind of an advocate for applying yoga to all aspects of your life. I’m a firm believer that your practice continues after you step off the mat, and is even more beneficial to you when you can use your yoga mindset outside the classroom. That said, yoga can and has been proven to help with healing emotional trauma. Yoga is used to treat not only chronic and acute pain but also anxiety, depression, eating disorders, insomnia…the list goes on.

What’s great about starting a yoga practice is that you’re forced to accept delayed gratification. As a beginner, you might not be able to touch your heels to the floor in down dog. And ten months later, maybe you’ll be closer, but not there yet. On the contrary, I’ve seen people nail crow pose on their first try. Yoga teaches you to accept that everyone is different, including you. It also teaches you that this practice isn’t about standing on your hands in Instagram pictures. It’s about building a better relationship with yourself so you can be kinder to those around you.

Yoga teaches self-acceptance and forgiveness. So whether you need to forgive a friend, a family member, an ex, or yourself, yoga lets you do so without judgment, criticism, or doubt. You connect the release of energy from blocked areas in your body with sort of unclogging your soul. It truly the easiest way to let go and move on.

Easy, but difficult, because it requires patience, acceptance, open-mindedness, and positive vibrations.

So to answer the question: How do I heal my heart with yoga? Well…start each practice with an intention to be kind to yourself. When you implement this practice during your yoga, it will become easier to apply in your life. And when you show kindness and love to yourself, you will spread love to others without even realizing.

For spiritual healing, I recommend rejuvenating, grounding postures like shoulder stands, twists, and of course meditative postures like easy pose and savasana.

I hope this post was interesting and helpful to you…and I’m really excited to start planning some yoga classes soon!

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